Recycle Everything

I’m actually quite impressed with the new recycling in our village. We used to live in Norwich, you could put pretty much everything in the recycling bin as long as it was clean, Now this level of recycling has come to Cambridge.

We got our bin quite early and managed to fill it to the brim with bottles, glass, paper and juice cartons. For the last two weeks our black bin has been hardly used.

People might be of the “what’s the point” opinion, they probably just want their rubbish to go away, well.. If you think waste is a bad idea and start thinking that everything you put in the black bin will stay in a hole for five hundred years, perhaps only to be dug up by someone studying the 21st century where they will suck their teeth at the degree of waste and excess of our natural resources, then the feeling that you’ve reduced the amount of rubbish and helped things get re-used is quite a good one. Our children love helping sort out the paper and plastic too.