Chains – Chapter Twenty

Euan’s link band buzzed tearing his attention from the large black ship.  He gestured, passing his left hand, palm down over the link to open the call.  An man’s voice cracked into his ear, urgent but clear and commanding.

“Fairbanks, we don’t have much time..”


The world was endless white. Bright, clean, comfortable light made up everything, both inside her and out, the universe all felt so so far away but somehow she knew that if she wanted she could reach out and touch any part of the galaxy.

She stretched her hand out in a direction that felt warmer than the others.  There seemed to be some barrier, some sort of soft wall there.

She pushed at it gently and stepped back.

Vivid ribbons of bright colour burst from where she had touched. They grew outwards, blues and greens. They began to knit shapes, glittering trails grew upwards like vines and along the floor towards her like tiny rivers. They formed spheres in the spaces around her, like the stars she’s seen on the jump maps.  Flowing streams connected many of them, she knew somehow that each filament of light was a ship wending it’s way between the systems of the core worlds, and that ahead of her now was the star they were on the way to. Not brilliant orange as she would expect, but red and drawn from thousands of the tiny lights.

She was drawing nearer, she could now see the rocky worlds that were close to the star, outlined rippling in blue streams.  There were no other lights on the way to this star, only her.  But there were others there already.. waiting..

A feint voice was saying her name. But where was it coming from?  She cast her mind upwards to hear the cries.


She was tired, her arms suddenly heavy.

She blinked, the white space and ribbons of light fled. The loud thrum of the ship came crashing in on her as she jolted upright.  She grabbed at the sides of her own head and shouted out.

“Jen! I left Jenifer”



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