Mono 3.0.6, Gtk#3 and Monodevelop 4.0

At last I’ve had some time to fix some problems with the uploaded packages and update pmono to the latest stable mono and the 4.0 version of Monodevelop!

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install pmono-mono pmono-scripts pmono-monodevelop
$ pmono monodevelop
$ source `which pmono`
$ mono ./MyProgram.exe

This latest build brings with it gtk-sharp version 3 ( 2.99 ) upon which much of the new monodevelop is built. Monodevelop 4.0 will take a little getting used to due to the removal of the traditional toolbars but once you get past that it really does feel nicer to use. It quickly supplanted MD 3 on my work desktop.

The gtk-sharp2 package is now built against the 2.0 runtime rather than the default of the ‘best’ runtime. This started to mean that gtk-sharp2 was only usable in 4.0 projects or newer, now all 2.0+ projects work fine.

I have also removed some packages from the archive as they no longer build from the tarball sources nor from github so gone now are mono-tools and monodevelop-gdb.

I had some disk space issues on the repository so have temporarily removed the amd64 packages. I’m working on finding a newer host so as to reduce the amount of bandwidth users consume on


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