Not so Wheezy

So, turns out, after a bit of a tidy up ( you can now build groups of packages rather than all in one go ) that while I can happily build everything, mono, gtk, gnome-sharp, monodevelop. that it seems there is some glib threading issue which means monodevelop won’t start. It just exits without any output or logs.

I had to resort to strace to find more:

writev(2, [{"mono", 4}, {": ", 2}, 
{"symbol lookup error", 19}, 
{": ", 2}, 
{"/opt/mono/lib/", 35}, {": ", 2}, 
{"undefined symbol: g_thread_supported", 36},
 {"", 0}, {"", 0}, {"\n", 1}], 10) = 101
exit_group(127) = ?

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