pmono – mono 2.11.1 – monodevelop 2.9.5(ish)

I’ve just had some fun updating the pmono repo to the latest stable mono(2.11.1)  and the latest alpha monodevelop (2.9.5).

Looks good so far and monodevelop seems faster. The only less-than-perfect thing I’ve noticed is that GTK# projects now seem to want to be .Net 4.0 rather than 3.5 projects. But new can’t always be bad!

The apt repository for x86 Ubuntu 11.10 is here:-

deb ./


You can install/update everything by doing:-

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pmono-*

2 thoughts on “pmono – mono 2.11.1 – monodevelop 2.9.5(ish)

  1. Great stuff. Is this build for 32bit or 64bit? I noticed that your deb files indicate i386 as opposed to amd64, so I am guessing this is a 32bit compilation?

    Would love to get a copy of your scripts for the build and packaging so that could create a 64bit version

    1. These are just 32bit builds. I’d quite like 64bit too ( main desktop at work is 64bit ). I’ve not been able to get the later mono building reliably on amd64 recently. I’ll have a try soon with 2.11.1

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