monodevelop 2.8.5 on ubuntu

Mono 2.10.8 and Monodevelop packages for Ubutnu Oneric

I almost forgot I had a blog here, so it’s time to put it to good use.

For a while now, it’s not been easy to install the bleeding edge mono and monodevelop, while the stock ubuntu packages are good and the debian experimental ones are very good, they are still both quite old (due to having the requirement that they exist to support a whole chunk of an entire linux installation ) and so do not get fixes very quickly. With this in mind I have decided to create (and try to maintain) packages for a full parallel mono environment of the latest stable/released mono and monodevelop.

monodevelop 2.8.5 on ubuntu

These packages will not interfere or interact with your existing binary (deb) installation of mono or monodevelop so it won’t break your package manager nor your existing mono based apps and libraries.

Release 5 of the “pmono” ubuntu packages for mono and monodevelop are now complete and uploaded.


Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb ./

Then run:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pmono-*


$ pmono bash 
$ pmono mono ... 
$ pmono gsharp ... 
$ pmono monodevelop 

Main changes since release 4:

  • mono 2.10.8
  • monodevelop

Main changes since release 2:

  • can now install monodevelop without forcing the package
  • package disk usage sizes now correct
  • custom soft debugger dialog enabled by default
  • moved internal package creation away from checkinstall and now use a more traditional dpkg-deb and some perl to monitor changes

I’ve been able to test most things by building and running a gtk# app using the new packages aswell as running a remote debug session.

The only bugs so far seem to be that monodoc segfaults on exit and that monodevelop always seems to want to run gnome-terminal when you choose “Open in Terminal” where it really should use x-terminal-emulator ( you can fix this by making a symlink in /usr/local/bin between ‘gnome-terminal’ and ‘x-terminal-emulator’

My next few plans are for an amd64 build and to update the mono 2.10.8 and monodevelop 2.8.5, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Mono 2.10.8 and Monodevelop packages for Ubutnu Oneric

    1. How strange..

      Make sure you have not added any quotes to your file, I get the same as you if I encase the line with double quotes. Here is a line from my file:

      ## pmono repo on void
      deb ./


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