The End of the 4th Emergency Service

We are about to lose an invaluable service in the name of cost cutting.

Royal Navy and Royal Air Force crews save lives all year round, in any weather. Each year they are scrambled over a thousand times. They are the best in the world at what they do, they are well-trained and help keep us safe.

Our coalition government thinks that the private sector can do the same job, why?

If it were possible to do the same job, to the same high standard for less money why not learn how?  I suspect, the only way you can make money on this kind of venture is to spend less on training, people and equipment.   If it were possible to do this safely, then the services would have done so, the RAF and Navy have bills to pay as well.

As someone who as seen the big yellow beasts at work saving lives at sea first-hand, I am amazed that there isn’t more of an outcry over this.


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