End of the Strawberry Season

Luke and Evie really do love strawberries (especially Evie). She will happily devour a pound of them (stalks and all). Luke has invented his own mini strawberry dish, “Strawberries and Milk in a bowl”, not bad really.

Strawberries and Milk in a bowl – Luke Norton

Now that the evenings are getting darker and the hour change looms the pace of things seem to slow down, not to far off will be Christmas where a fair few people will be aiming for the perfect roast. (Ok, yes, it is October and I am already looking forward to 25th of December) Over the coming months I am aiming for our family to do some things better, I think we can reduce our landfill waste to half a bag a week and to recycle everything else. We’re going to try and buy locally grown food where we can ( quite luckily we found some good farm produce in our village – map here )

We got some really pretty good potatoes. They had a good supply of parsnip, courgette, cauliflower and carrots too. I’ll be making many return visits.


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